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Application of THK Linear Guide System on the Straw Paper Making Machine

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Application of THK Linear Guide System on the Straw Paper Making Machine 

THK is the largest supplier of precision linear motion guides, ball splines, ball screws, cross roller collars, and actuators.

THK, as the world's leading supplier of high-speed rail screws, provides the greatest support for paper pipette production lines. Increase the life and quietness of paper pipette equipment, and the stability of the straw paper making machine.

THK's creative vision and unique technology have made the company  worldwide pioneers in the development of linear motion (LM) Guide.

Today, our LM Guide equipment has become an integral part of mechanical and electronic systems in a variety of industries.

THK has also developed many other unique mechanical products, including the Ball Spline, Ball Screws and Link Balls, which we manufacture and supply to customers worldwide.

Development of "LM Guide"

LM Guide

In 1972, THK became the first company in the world to develop a method of providing linear motion with rolling contact, and began to manufacture and selling the result, the Linear Motion (LM) Guide.

World-first development of Caged Ball LM Guides

Caged Ball LM Guide

In 1996, THK developed "Caged Ball LM Guides", which offer significantly increased performance over conventional products. As human and environment friendly products, Caged Ball LM Guides have the following outstanding features:

Long service life with reduced maintenance needs 

Low noise emission and acoustics

Ultra-high-speed operation

Low dust emission

Very smooth operation

Improve walking accuracy

The LM Guide has two ways:

One can absorb the error of the mounting surface and improve the walking precision of the machine.

 The other is that it does not absorb the error of the mounting surface and does not improve the walking accuracy of the machine.




Maintenance cycle and longer life

The fourth feature is the long life of the LM Guide.
Since the retainer does not easily drain the grease, the period of supplying the grease is prolonged. In addition, the retainer eliminates direct mutual friction between the steel balls and is less prone to heat generation and wear. Therefore, the service life of the retainer type LM guide is greatly extended.




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