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Flexible Paper Straw Machine

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This new design of straw bending machine has greatly improved the production efficiency. With a compact construction and reduced space requirements, this efficient machine provides user-friendly automation. This machine is used to bend a straight paper straw into a flexible shape. The machine from the straight straw to flexible products, fully automated, it only needs workers to transport the straight straws.


Here are main points of the article

What are the flexible paper straw machine benefits?

What are the features of flexible paper straw machine?

How is the quality of paper straws controlled?


What are the flexible paper straw machine benefits?

As we can see from its name, flexible paper straw machines are used to turn straight paper straws into flexible ones which can be bent. The machine is fully automatic, it only needs the operator to put the straight paper straws that need to be processed into the machine. With the touch of the button on the human-machine interact system, the machine would start operating.


What are the features of flexible paper straw machine?

1. Man-machine operation interface is adopted to make the operation more convenient.

2. Aluminum roll paper holder, slitting roller easy to put into the roll holder

3. The surface paper is single-sided coating, the middle layer paper is double-sided coating. 4. Spiral winding section, professional operating system, belt tensioning device (handwheel drive)

5. The 7-knife system adopts the direct cutting unit controlled by the encoder, cutting the paper tube directly, and the servo electro-mechanical control cutting system.

6. Stainless steel body which meets food grade production standards.

7. protection cover of ISO and 6S factory inspection standard

8. Automatic stop when paper is folded.

9. Glue tank constant temperature system, improve the stability of glue

10. Buzzer alarm system, stop and change paper alarm which reduce operating difficulty

11. Constant tension control, non-stop paper replacement system


How is the quality of paper straws controlled?

The quality of the drinking straw is determined during the preparation and extrusion phase of the production process and in many key steps after extrusion. During the mixing process, the mixing process must be monitored to ensure that the ingredients are mixed in an appropriate proportion. Before starting the extrusion process, it is common practice to remove some of the resin through the extruder. This cleaning helps to clean the barrel and acts as an inspection to ensure that all molding systems are functioning properly. At this stage, you can check the sample straws to make sure they are the right size. These samples can also be used to ensure that production equipment is running at appropriate linear speeds.


This short article has introduced our company’s flexible paper straw machine. This machine makes straws that add more convenience to people’s life. Our factory has the perfect personnel and the equipment, high-quality customer service is at any time for you to solve the pre-sale, the after-sales problem. Thanks to our active efforts and steady support, we are able to fully satisfy our customers. Hope you can trust our company and we are also glad to provide technical guidance at any time.We also provide Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine, Straw Paper Slitting Machine, contact us!  


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