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How are sharp paper straw making machine made?

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Sharp paper strawsdiffer from normal paper ones in the way that when you are drinking drinks like bubble tea, you are most likely to poke a sharp end of a straw through the plastic seal of a cup. That’s what the sharp ends of straws are for. In addition, paper straws are degradable and are thus more environmentally friendly.


Here are main points of the article

Why use paper straws?

Plastic straws against paper straws.

How are sharp paper straw making machine made?

What is the theory of sharp paper straw making machine


Why use paper straws?

Straws are small in size and are often mistaken by animals for food. Because they are cylindrical, straws can cause suffocation and death. On at least one occasion, the penguin's stomach was pierced by a plastic straw. In another video, seen around the world, a turtle's nostril is bleeding because a plastic straw was removed. Plastic straws can harm wildlife, but can they also harm humans? Yes, really. About 1,400 people are injured each year from drinking straws. Most accidents involve children, such as mouth lacerations, corneal abrasions, ear and nose insertions. A common scenario involves a child tripping over a straw or poking a sibling. Thus, there's no question that reusable or decomposable paper straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic straws.


Plastic straws against paper straws.

The main reason for the surge in demand for paper straws is the apparent consequences of plastic on marine life and the environment. The impact of plastic on marine life cannot be ignored, with one group of researchers estimating that there are about 8.3 billion plastic straws on beaches around the world. There are 8.3 billion plastic buckets floating on beaches around the world. They stay there until we take them out, because the plastic doesn't degrade into its natural state as opposed to paper. If there were 8.3 billion paper straws, it would take about six months for them to degrade and become part of nature again. Comparing the environmental and climate impacts of plastic and paper straws can be a bit difficult. The obvious advantage of paper straws over plastic straws is that they are made from petroleum, a limited resource, while paper straws are made from trees replanted. But when they are produced, plastic straws emit less carbon dioxide than paper straws. This is due to the fact that much less energy is needed to heal and shape the oil than the wood itself has to be cut down in the forest, also converted into paper molds which are then thrown into the paper and eventually processed and made of straw. There, the plastic is just formed from the oil, and then it is heated before it is processed and formed into a straw.


What is the theory of sharp paper straw making machine?

In short, a sharp straw machine is basically the same as a regular straw machine. But these machines also have a program. After the straight straw is made, it is then cut with another knife at the desired Angle to make the end of the straw sharp. The tip helps seal the drink and is better than the round tip.


How are sharp paper straw making machine made?

As mentioned above, sharp paper straw making machines are quiet the same as normal paper straw making machines, the technical parameters of the machines are as follows:

Inner diameter


sharped straw length

90-260mm adjustable

Total straw length


Production speed




PLC factory



220v, 1 phase, 60Hz

Operator number








In this article, the importance, benefits of paper straws as well as the parameters of sharp ended paper straws are stated. Our company provides sharp paper straw making machine of high efficiency, fell free to find out more.


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