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How to adjust the paper straw machine?

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Paper straw machines are becoming more and more popular nowadays as they give a solution to decreasing the usage of plastic and is environmentally friendly. This article will possibly give you a great command of these machines, including the working principles of them, the way to adjust them and their flaws.


Here are main points of the article

  • What is the working principle of paper straw machine?

  • How to adjust the paper straw machine?

  • How long can paper straw last?

  • What is paper straw made of?


What is the working principle of paper straw machine?

1. Use glue to roll the different layers of paper into tubes.

2. Multi-knife cutting system, through the servo tracking, the paper tube cut into small pieces to drink straw.

3. Materials: food grade white craft paper, food grade glue.

4. Auxiliary materials: oil lubrication and cooling may be required. White mineral oil.

5. Standard power supply :380V/ 3 phase / 50Hz, can be changed according to special requirements, such as 60Hz or 220V/ 3 phase.

6. Power consumption: rated power 6.15kw /h

7. FLA (full amplifier): 13.5A


How to adjust the paper straw machine?

There are two adjustable parameters that can be adjusted according to different demands. In our machine, there is a multi-cutting-knife system, which is a new structure of cutting cylinder. This enables easier adjusting of air cylinder travel when changing different diameter molds. Another changeable parameter is the quality of glue. Our machine has two rollers and by adjusting the distance between the two rollers, the quality of glue can be easily adjusted.


How long can paper straw last?

The paper straws produced by our company use an average of 33% more material than the imported straws and are specially manufactured to prevent decomposition, wetting and decomposition. In most cases, in normal use, our paper straws will last 2-3 hours.


What is paper straw made of?

Paper straws are usually made of wood pulp. High-quality paper straws are made from craft paper, a bio-based, renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and unbleached material that is ideal for making paper straws.

They're tacky, but they're biodegradable, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws. In the 19th century, before paper and plastic, people drank from straws.

Although paper is considered a better choice, it also has harmful environmental effects. First, paper bags and straws are made from trees. Plastic bags, on the other hand, are made from petroleum byproducts, which means they are made from materials that have been extracted and processed for other purposes. The paper straws may serve as an alternative to the plastic ones, but the new problems they have raised also needs new plans and through thinking.


What is mentioned above has gave a detailed description of paper straws and has introduced our company's paper straw machine and what these machines as well as paper straws are. Hope it can help you get a better understanding of paper straw machines and add trust to our company's products.







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