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How to adjust the sharp paper straw making machine?

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With its incredibly high quality and wide range of applications, our sharp paper straws are perfectly suitable for iced coffee, milkshakes, cocktails and many other beverages. If you are the owner of a coffee shop, a burger joint, or for any other uses, our large selection of sharp paper straws will help you find an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic ones. Paper straws also provide opportunities for you to have your own design or logo printed on the straws so that your customers can experience your store and concepts from the best side. Not only do we focus on providing the largest wholesale selection of sharp paper straws, it is also critical that our quality is first class. You can surely drink for your confidence and not worry that the straws will have an under taste of paper.


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In what way are the straws compostable?

How to adjust the sharp paper straw making machine

Where are paper straws used?


In what way are the straws compostable?

Because our paper straws are made 100% from paper and food safety glue, this means they are biodegradable and only need to be synthesized in brine. If paper straws are collected and sent to a compostable place, they degrade in a month or two. You can buy your new straw at Limepack with a clear conscience.


How to adjust the sharp paper straw making machine?

There is a human-computer interact system associated with the machine which allows the operator to manually input the customized factors such as the diameter of the paper straws, the length of the paper straws, the glue quality of the paper straws as well as the angle of the sharp end that needs to be cut. After giving these inputs, the machine would adjust its distance between the knives and the angle of the knives. Thus, the adjusting of the sharp paper straw making machine is based on a human-computer interact system and the machine’s automated computing.


Where are paper straws used?

Over the past few decades, we've gotten used to using plastic straws in most social situations, whether it's drinks at discos, sodas for food, or delicious milkshakes from ice bars. Many believe these opportunities disappear when they switch to paper straws because they suspect poor durability or miss the opportunity to bend the straws. We can make standard straws, or we can make bent straws so we can use them in the theater. We use our paper straws to ensure that you no longer need to have poor quality doubts. We have straws of all sizes, and we can also provide a better experience for your customers.


We guarantee that our paper straw will not dissolve in water for less than 2 hours. This applies to other drinks as well. However, we cannot guarantee the durability of 2 hours in hot or alcoholic beverages. Paper straws are made from food approved materials and colors according to applicable food laws. In addition, they are 100% free of lead, chlorine and plasticizers. Sharp paper straws are convenient and better for the environment. For more information of our sharp paper straw machines, please call us.


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