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How to maintain the paper straw bending machine?

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Paper straw bending machine manufactures bended paper straws, which adds convenience to people’s life. And therefore, the paper straw bending machine is becoming more and more popular. This article may provide a lot of information about these machines, including their maintenance and instructions.


Here are main points of the article

  • How to maintain the paper straw bending machine?

  • What are the precautions of the paper straw bending machine?

  • The instructions for flexible paper straw machine


How to maintain the paper straw bending machine?

Proper maintenance of the paper straw bending machine can lengthen its usage as well as its efficiency.

1. Ensure that the hygiene and machine protection of the product is done frequently.

2. Room temperature must be below 45degree Celsius.

3. Water and 8% alcohol must be provided at 120℉, and throughout the whole day.

4. It is critical to work under the power limit of the machine.

5. Call the maintenance support for basic check of the machine, our company will serve predictive, preventive and corrective guidance to the machine.

If the above rules are kept, the paper straw bending machine will have a long lifespan and high quality.


What are the precautions of the paper straw bending machine?

The following points should be kept in mind before using our machines, because ignoring them can result in machine functionality or a threat to the user.

1. If the outside diameter is to be changed, spare parts must be replaced.

2. Remember not to exceed the capacity of the machine.

3. When the machine is stopped, the power should be cut off first, then check whether there is a straw jam, whether the preset value is reached, or whether there is a problem with the machine.

The instructions for flexible paper straw machine

The straight straw is supplied by the hopper at the top of the machine, then it is clamped by two mechanical hands and fed into the main drum of the machine in turn. As the main drum turns, the straw forms indentation through two rotating molds. After being compressed by two manipulators, a contractile crease is formed. Finally, the finished product is automatically output. The main drum uses 12 straws for continuous operation. In addition, the machine has high speed production capacity. It has the following features:

1. High efficiency, high productivity,

2. Automatic product counting

3. Automatic stop when straw jam

4. Conveyor belt with stainless steel hopper, one person can operate two machines

5. Special maintenance safety button

6. PLC controller; Frequency control of main motor; human-machine interface system with touch screen; Simple operation for parameter setting.

7. The cutting part adopts the numerical multi-tool cutting system. Servo synchronous tracking cutting system, high cutting precision, high cutting efficiency.

8. The body and main parts are made of stainless steel instead of paint. Ensure product hygiene and environmental protection.


This paper briefly introduces the company's paper straw bending machine. The straw made by this machine has brought more convenience to people's life. Thanks to our active efforts and steady support, we can fully satisfy our customers. We hope you can trust our company, choose our products and we are happy to provide technical guidance at any time.


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