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  • Why should I swap to paper straws?Environmental concerns have begun to shift public opinion towards the use of paper straws and away from single-use plastics. The prevalence of single-use plastics is filling the ocean with plastic waste that will take hundreds of years to break down. Studies estimat


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  • Most paper straws are made in Asia but now UK firms are starting to produce them again.Blue Planet II highlighted the damage plastic does to marine life. Following the programme demand for paper straws shot up, but most are manufactured in Asia. Earlier this year, though, The Paper Straw Co, based i


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  • Starbucks announced its plans last week to eliminate all plastic straws from its stores by 2020, which the company described as “forward thinking in tackling the material waste challenge.” The coffee company is joined by at least seven other companies in ditching plastic straws to cut back waste and


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  • Tetra Pak aims to launch a paper straw that is suitable for its portion-sized carton packages before the end of the year, as part of a broader programme to help address the issue of plastic straw waste.Straws play an integral functional role on portion packages, but if not disposed of properly, they


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