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  • Single-use plastic straws, a major focus of the recent environmental movement, have gone from ubiquitous to endangered almost overnight, with more cities, restaurant chains, movie theaters, sports facilities and even airlines phasing them out. It is now the trend to use paper straws and therefore, paper straw making machinesare of high demand.


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  • Sharp ended paper straws are easier to pop into drink seals. In this article, a basic description of how paper straws are made is given and how our sharp paper straw making machines work is also stated.


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  • Paper packaging is making a comeback in several packaging categories, driven by growing anti-plastic sentiment among the public and regulators. This is especially true for disposable straws. Unlike plastic, paper is a natural and renewable resource. This article is about paper straw packing machines, which produces paper straws and accomplish packaging of them.


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  • Paper straws are slowly replacing plastic ones nowadays as they are environmentally friendly. Thus, the need of paper straw making machines has gone up too. Sharp paper straw making machine, as you can see from its name, produces paper straws that have a sharp ending. The sharp ending helps pop into the seal of the drinks much more easily. This article will possibly give you a great command of these sharp end straw machines, including the principle of them and their operation techniques.


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