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  • Nowadays, the milk and drinks we buy from supermarkets are mainly packed up in tetra-packs. As we can see, the use of tetra-packs has surrounded us quietly. All of us may have used drinks with tetra-pack packaging and we have also benefitted from them. However, we may not know detaily about these pa


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  • The design of the new straw bending machine has greatly improved the production efficiency. With its compact structure and reduced space requirements, this efficient machine provides user-friendly automation. This machine is used to bend straight paper straws into a flexible shape. The machine from the straight straw to flexible products, fully automated, only workers to transport straight straw.


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  • Paper straw machines are the trend nowadays as they are environmentally friendly and have the same efficiency as plastic ones. This article will give you a great understanding of these machines, including the types and features of them and their flaws. Here are main points of the articleWhat are the


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  • Paper straw bending machine is one of the supporting equipment of paper straw manufacturing machine, which is used for bending straight paper straw into flexible with waveform. Paper straw bending machines are becoming more and more popular nowadays as bended straws add ease to our everyday usage. T


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