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  • Paper straw machines manufactures paper straws which may be a solution to the environment and an alternative for plastic straws. This article will give you a great command of paper straw machines, including the classification of them and their structure. Here are main points of the articleWhat class


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  • Individual packaging of paper straw is safe, non-toxic and does not have any odor or odor as they are processed with food grade environmentally friendly paper and printed with soy ink. After use, they can be recycled, they also have good water resistance, bright colors, texture full and beautiful appearance. Complete degradation can be achieved within 3-4 months after discarding. The following article is about our company’s paper straw packing machines. They serve to pack paper straws either individually or in certain amounts.


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  • With its incredibly high quality and wide range of applications, our sharp paper straws are perfectly suitable for iced coffee, milkshakes, cocktails and many other beverages. If you are the owner of a coffee shop, a burger joint, or for any other uses, our large selection of sharp paper straws will help you find an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic ones. Paper straws also provide opportunities for you to have your own design or logo printed on the straws so that your customers can experience your store and concepts from the best side. Not only do we focus on providing the largest wholesale selection of sharp paper straws, it is also critical that our quality is first class. You can surely drink for your confidence and not worry that the straws will have an under taste of paper.


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  • Sharp paper strawsdiffer from normal paper ones in the way that when you are drinking drinks like bubble tea, you are most likely to poke a sharp end of a straw through the plastic seal of a cup. That’s what the sharp ends of straws are for. In addition, paper straws are degradable and are thus more environmentally friendly.


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