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What are the characteristics of paper straw machine?

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This paper straw machine makes environmentally friendly paper straws. Equipped with digital servo cutting device, it also has high cutting precision. The machine is equipped with automatic pipe cutting sensor. Round knives cutting and cut smoother edges. This has multiple cutting blades to ensure that there is no human intervention, thus increasing production speed. A more detailed description is as follows.


Here are main points of the article

  1. Who are likely to use paper straws?

  2. What are the characteristics of paper straw machines?

Who are likely to use paper straws?

Paper straws were once found in every restaurant and soda shop. Paper straws support the meal and, once discarded, degrade faster than plastic and have less impact on the environment. Paper straws can soak in liquid for more than 1 hour. This requires the adhesive and paper substrate to remain intact while being submerged. After use, the straw needs to be biodegraded to allow for proper decomposition. Our paper straw binder is designed for a variety of production conditions and provides performance for your products.

It is a fiber-based solution made from renewable materials designed specifically for the new initiative to phase out single-use plastic straws. Paper-based materials allow major players in the industry, such as fast-food chains, to demonstrate their high commitment to the environment while continuing to provide a convenient drinking experience for consumers.

So not only those who love the environment and advocates environmentally friendly products love to use paper straws, restaurants, businesses and home use paper straws too as they have lower cost and are of same or even higher efficiency as plastic ones.


What are the characteristics of paper straw machines?

The machine has high speed production capacity. It has the following characteristics:

1. High efficiency, high productivity,

2. Automatic product counting

3. Automatic stop when straw jam

4. Automatic rings when it spots faculty

5. Conveyor belt with stainless steel hopper, one person can operate two machines

6. Special maintenance safety button

7. PLC controller; Frequency control of main motor; human-machine interface system with touch screen; Simple operation for parameter setting.

8. The cutting part adopts the numerical multi-tool cutting system. Servo synchronous tracking cutting system, high cutting precision, high cutting efficiency.

9. The body and main parts are made of stainless steel instead of paint. Ensure product hygiene and environmental protection.


This short article has introduced our company's paper straw machine. This machine covers all walks of life and has more than ten years' experience in export sales. The factory has the perfect personnel and the equipment, high-quality customer service is at any time for you to solve the pre-sale, the after-sales problem. Thanks to our active efforts and steady support, we are able to fully satisfy our customers. Paper straw machines are developing rapidly nowadays, hope you can trust our company and we are sure to fulfill your needs. Our machines software can also be updated and our after-sales service shall help you customize the machine for better usage.






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