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What are the classification of paper straw making machine?

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Single-use plastic straws, a major focus of the recent environmental movement, have gone from ubiquitous to endangered almost overnight, with more cities, restaurant chains, movie theaters, sports facilities and even airlines phasing them out. It is now the trend to use paper straws and therefore, paper straw making machinesare of high demand.


Here are main points of the article

Plastic straws vs paper straws

Why use paper straws?

What is the classification of paper straw making machine?


Plastic straws vs paper straws

Because paper straws are biodegradable, they do not pose the same pollution threat as plastic straws. But while paper straws help avoid plastic pollution, they actually have a higher carbon footprint than standard single-use plastic straws. According to the EPA age waste reduction model (warm), polypropylene, plastic types are commonly used to make plastic straws that produce 1.55 tons of carbon dioxide per 2,000 pounds of material produced, and general mixed paper that produces 8.48 tons of carbon dioxide per 2,000 pounds of material produced. The average weight of both plastic and paper straws is about 1 gram. The impact of producing one plastic straw is equal to : (1 g / 453.5924 g/lb)x(1.55 mt co2/2000 LBS polypropylene)x 2,204.623 lbs/metric ton= 3.77 x 10-3 LBS co2; The impact of producing a paper straw is equal to :(1 g / 453.5924 g/lb)x(8.48 mt co2/2000 lb paper)x 2,204.623 lb/ metric ton = 20.61 x 10-3 lb co2.

As we can see from the above, this indicates that regular paper straws produce five times more greenhouse gases than plastic straws, but they are biodegradable and overall better for the environment.


Why use paper straws?

Microplastics are now a very real problem in our oceans. These plastics enter the ecosystem from a variety of sources, from clothing to cosmetics. Thus, the urge to reduce using plastic straws and use paper ones as an alternative is inevitable. Recently, many major food chains have withdrawn their plastic straws in favor of paper straws in an attempt to help eliminate microplastics from entering the ocean. People are also encouraged to buy their own metal straws to carry around.


What is the classification of paper straw making machine?

The classification of paper straw making machine can be grouped according to the following:

1. Automatic grade (semiautomatic, automatic, manual)

2. Control type (artificial, CNC, PLC)

3. Certification (GS, SGS, CE, RoHS, ISO9001)

4. Whether it is computerized or not.


Straw market manufacturers are offering a variety of straws as alternatives to plastic straws. Plastic straws are one of the most discovered types of Marine waste, which could hamper the growth of the global straw market. From the manufacturers' perspective, the single-use straw ban is reducing overall demand for plastic products. Countries including Britain, the United States, Germany, India and China have banned single-use plastics. The above article has given a brief introduction of paper straws as well as the machines that produce them. Do trust our company and we will provide you with high quality paper straw making machines,Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine, Straw Paper Slitting Machine.


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