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What are the common faults of paper straw machine?

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Paper straw machines are the trend nowadays as they are environmentally friendly and have the same efficiency as plastic ones. This article will give you a great understanding of these machines, including the types and features of them and their flaws.


Here are main points of the article

What are the types of paper straw machine?

What are the flaws of paper straw machine?

What are the characteristics of paper straw machine?


What are the types of paper straw machine?

There are many types of paper straw machine. Considering from its usage, paper straw machines can produce straws for drinking, lollipops, refilling tubes and so on. For different needs, there are also machines of different speed and capacity as well as power consumption.


What are the flaws of paper straw machine?

1. The problem that the drinking straw is not straight often appears on the new machine, because the mold setting is not correct and the wall thickness of the drinking straw is not even. Solution: check the mandrel and mold space, make sure the mandrel is in the center of the mold, then open the machine and squeeze the straw. Line straws and adjust. If there are the three following phenomena, the straw is not round.

(1) The traction wheel of the cutting machine is too tight. Solution: adjust the traction wheel to the proper position

(2) Drinking water straws are not fully immersed in front of the cooling water. Solution: soak the straw.

(3) There's too much squeezing. Solution: control main motor speed and output.

(4) The horizontal lines of all drinking water straw manufacturing machines (extruders, water tanks, cutters) are uneven. Solution: put all the machines on a flat surface and keep them at the same level. Remember, the water level must be higher than the drinking water straw.

2.  Causes of uneven diameter of drinking straw

(1) The pressure of the mold is not stable. Solution: adjust the air valve and control air pressure.

(2) The gap between tools is too large, causing the straw to close; Solution: adjust the hardness of the two parts.

(3) The water level is unstable. Solution: adjust the valve of the water saving to stabilize the level.


What are the characteristics of paper straw machine?

1. High cutting precision;

2. Voluntarily cut off, voluntarily drops pipe, voluntarily changes speed and voluntarily restores;

3. Computer control, touch screen human-machine interface system;

4. Round knife cutting, enjoys smoother incision and more steady performance;

5. Multi-tool in line cutting, no need for secondary cutting, save labor and time

6. More environmentally friendly than the plastic straw machine;


This passage has introduced our company’s paper straw machine, the types of them, their existing faults as well as their features. You can hopefully get a better understanding of them through this passage. We also welcome any other questions that you have, fell free to contact us at our website and we will provide after-sales services too.






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