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What are the types of paper straw machine?

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A paper straw, which holds up just like a traditional plastic straw, won't disappoint you. Our 100 percent compostable paper straws help you declare your commitment to sustainability. It's nice to know that our biodegradable straws degrade quickly once they reach the ocean. As an alternative to traditional plastic or PLA straws, these paper straws are in line with many straw bans across the country. They are also made from 100% renewable resources. Please handle these and all disposable items responsibly. Here’s a more detailed description of the machine which makes these straws- paper straw machine.


Here are main points of the article

What group does paper straw belong to?

What kind of consumers need paper straws?

What are the types of paper straw machine?

What are the advantages of paper straw machine?


What group does paper straw belong to?

Busy consumers need more than convenience. They are becoming more aware of their options and choosing more sustainable options. The latest trend is to use non-plastic straws. Studies show that more than 500 million straws are supplied to consumers worldwide every day. Plastic straws are made from polypropylene and can be recycled; However, this type 5 plastic is not accepted by most roadside recycling programs. These statistics, along with a better understanding of the lasting effects of plastic straws, have prompted consumers to demand that companies go back to paper straws.


What kind of consumers need paper straws?

Paper straws were once found in every fast-food chains and soda shop. Paper straws support food and, once discarded, degrade faster than plastic and have less impact on the environment. Paper straws can soak in liquid for more than an hour. This requires the adhesive and paper substrate to remain intact while being submerged. After use, the straw needs to be biodegraded for proper decomposition. Our papyrus adhesives are designed for a variety of production conditions and provide performance for your products.


What are the types of paper straw machine?

There are many kinds of paper straw machines. From the purpose, the paper straw machine can produce drinking straw, lollipop straw, filling straw and so on. According to different needs, there are also different speed, different capacity, different power consumption of the machine.


What are the advantages of paper straw packing machine?

The advantages of paper straw machines are listed below.

1. Human-machine interact system with a touch screen

2. Automatic counting, batch alarm, and detection of straw jam.

3. Adjust the production speed.

4. Easy to operate and reliable performance.

5. The cutting part employ the numerical multi-tool cutting system. Servo isochronous tracking cutting system, high precision and efficiency of cutting.



We are paper straw machine suppliers now provide a set of paper straw adhesives to support the production of sustainable alternatives. A straw usually consists of three layers of paper, with a small amount of adhesive between the layers. It provides a food safety solution and sticks to the whole straw usage. Whether it's sipping lemonade on your front porch or sipping soda at your local coffee shop, our paper straw binder offers a sustainable option to enjoy your drink. This article basically describes the benefits of paper straws. Our company manufactures Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine aiming at all groups of life and we provide the best after-sale services. Hope you can trust our company and play a role in saving the environment by changing your plastic straws into paper ones!







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