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What does the paper straw making machine type represent?

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With the trend toward sustainability, paper straws have become increasingly popular, and plastic straws have become targets of government regulation. If your company is considering switching from plastic straws to greener options, paper straws may be the solution for you. The article below is to give you a perception towards paper straws and a brief introduction of the machines that are used to produce them.


Here are main points of the article

Why use paper straws instead of plastic ones?

What kind of paper is used to make paper straws?

What does the paper straw making machine type represent?


Why use paper straws instead of plastic ones?

Plastic straws are banned in several cities because they do not break down in landfills and pose a threat to the environment, wildlife and human health. Although plastic straws are recyclable, they are not usually accepted by roadside recycling programs. Municipalities that do accept plastic straw recycling may have trouble separating them because of inefficient sorting. Even if accepted, most plastic straws are not sent to recycling centers because they are thrown away as garbage. As a result, plastic straws end up as waste or contaminants in landfills. Plastic straws take 500 years to break down; Even then, they don't break down completely. When plastics break down, they break down into smaller pieces over time. Eventually, the plastic breaks down into microplastics (microplastics). Microplastics pollute our ecosystems. Animals, such as fish, eat microplastics as food. Not only is eating plastic bad for fish and other animals, but when humans eat fish, we may also consume microplastics as a result. Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact plastic products have on the environment and human health, and are demanding more sustainable choices. The most common environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic straws is paper straws.


What kind of paper is used to make paper straws?

Paper straws are usually made of wood pulp. High-quality paper straws are made from craft paper, a bio-based, renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and unbleached material that is ideal for making paper straws.


What does the paper straw making machine type represent?

This machine is suitable for producing various sizes of paper straws and very small paper tubes.

1.  PLC controller; Frequency control of main motor; Touch screen man - machine interface. Simple parameter setting and operation.

2.  The cutting section adopts a numerical multi-tool cutting system. The servo synchronous tracking cutting system improves the cutting precision and the cutting efficiency of multi-blade cutting.

3.  This machine is environmentally friendly.


From the article above, the idea that plastic straws aren’t as environmentally friendly as paper ones are conveyed. Regardless of whether your company is a food-chain company, a beverage one or a store, paper straws are one of the best alternatives for plastic straws. Our company can provide you with high efficiency paper straw making machines that manufactures paper straws of high quality and can be customized according to your needs. For more information about Straw Paper Slitting Machine, Paper Straw Packing Machine, call us at the hotline on our website. 

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