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What is the consumer group of paper straw?

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Plastic straws are a real ecological threat. To address this major environmental challenge and allow you to continue to provide your customers with disposable straws (carton packaging, restaurants, bars, etc.), there is a solution: paper straws.


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Why choose the paper straws we produce?

What is the consumer group of paper straw?

What is the paper straw making line made up of?


Why choose the paper straws we produce?

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of convenience packaging and are demanding low-impact alternatives to traditional plastic packaging. A huge area of focus is straws, which means paper straws instead of plastic straws. Making paper and plastic straws is a completely different process. It usually consists of three layers of paper held together with a small amount of water-based adhesive, using a core-winding machine. The choice of paper and adhesive quality has a fundamental impact on the performance and production efficiency of paper straws. The paper straw that produces the performance required by consumers is what we can help you do that. Our adhesive solutions are provided in accordance with food contact regulations and the integrity of straws soaked in liquid. The paper provides ideal barrier performance, while the adhesive provides two key areas of performance. First, the adhesive must provide sufficient bonding strength to ensure that straw remains in its form even at fast production rates and different paper qualities. Second, the dry bond must be kept intact to ensure the integrity of the straw soaked in the drink, and once the straw is processed, the binder must cause it to break down and decompose in the landfill.


What is the consumer group of paper straw?

Paper straws were once found in every restaurant and soda shop. Paper straws support the meal and, once discarded, degrade faster than plastic and have less impact on the environment. Paper straws can soak in liquid for more than 1 hour. This requires the adhesive and paper substrate to remain intact while being submerged. After use, the straw needs to be biodegraded to allow for proper decomposition. Our paper straw binder is designed for a variety of production conditions and provides performance for your products.

It is a fiber-based solution made from renewable materials designed specifically for the new initiative to phase out single-use plastic straws. Paper-based materials allow major players in the industry, such as fast-food chains, to demonstrate their high commitment to the environment while continuing to provide a convenient drinking experience for consumers.

So not only those who love the environment and advocates environmentally friendly products love to use paper straws, restaurants, businesses and home use paper straws too as they have lower cost and are of same or even higher efficiency as plastic ones.


What is the paper straw making line made up of?

The 3-layer automatic coiler automatic splice allows continuous production of precision glue stations for an accurate and clean application of high glue. There are high speed winders up to 150 m/min and multi-knife inline knives driven by servo-motors for compact and economical usage: one operator has enough supervision to make two paper straw threads. Equipped with automatic splicing system, the machine enables automatic rewinding, and its intelligent cutting system extends the service life of the tool.


All in all, the article above described paper straws briefly. Our company strongly advocates environmentally friendly issues and the paper straws we produce are of high quality, we also provide Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine, Straw Paper Slitting Machine.


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