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What is the development prospect of the tetra-pack packing machine?

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Tetra pack packaging refers to the composite paper packaging produced by the aseptic production line of tetra pack Tetra-pack is a large supplier of complete packaging systems for liquid foods such as milk and juice. It gives new insight into environmentally friendly issues and it has great prospects. Thus, there is a good need for development of it. This article gives a brief introduction to the development prospect as well as the structure of tetra pack packing machines.


Here are main points of the article

What is the development prospect of the tetra pack packing machine?

What are the benefits of tetra-pack?

Is milk in tetra-pack healthy to drink?


What is the development prospect of the tetra pack packing machine?

First and foremost, automation is controlling your equipment, your wiring, and all your operations. The more control you have, the more value you squeeze out of production. Thus, we strive to develop a better automated tetra pack packing machine. Secondly, by applying world-class manufacturing principles, we can reduce energy, waste and water while making our factories and offices more efficient. At the same time, we are also looking to the future and exploring how we can continue to manage our impact, even as we minimize our energy consumption. One way is to increase the use of renewable energy. Thirdly, we are taking a proactive and pioneering approach to ensuring that cartons are collected, sorted and recycled so that they maintain the value delivered, these recycled tetra packs can be given into our machines and be manufactured into brand new ones.

What are the benefits of tetra-pack?

The benefits of tetra-pack are mainly concluded as the follows:

1. It can free up 40% of the shelf space.

2. Because of the square and light weight, the operation and transportation efficiency are high. Pallets can be packed in 18% more packages than cans.

3. Convenient and easy to open, store and recycle.

4. The capacity ranges from 200ml to 500ml.

5. Made of FSC certified board.


Is milk in tetra-pack healthy to drink?

Tetra pack products have no nutrients: they are heated at high temperatures for a short time to prevent the loss of most nutrients, which is the traditional boiling method. That's why aseptically packaged milk and dairy products have more nutritional value than other forms of bottled milk. Tetra pack is not a healthier, tastier or more economical option. Tetra pak is an alternative to fresh milk because it has a longer shelf life and is just as good at room temperature. If you've been away for a week and come back at 2am and want a cup of tea, coffee or milkshake, you can use tetra pack milk.


This short article has introduced our company’s tetra pack packing machine and the development prospects as well as the overall structure of it. As you can see, there is a great future for tetra pack usage and thus packing machines shall develop quickly. Hope it can help you get a better understanding of the machines and add trust to our company’s products. We also have Paper Straw Machine, Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine, Paper Straw Making Machine, contact us 


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