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What is the operation flow of sharp paper straw making machine?

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Sharp ended paper straws are easier to pop into drink seals. In this article, a basic description of how paper straws are made is given and how our sharp paper straw making machines work is also stated.


Here are main points of the article

How are paper straws made?

How to modify the sharp paper straw making machine?

What is the operation flow of sharp paper straw making machine?


How did paper straws make?

You'd think we'd be going through a long and complicated process by now, but making paper straws is pretty simple. The first straw was mass-produced in 1890, when inventor Marvin Stone filed a patent two years earlier. He invented paper straws, which he wound around a pencil with paper tape and glued together so he could draw water from the pencil, and patented the method. It's been more than 120 years since Marvin patented a paper straw, and not much has changed since then. Today we have better production equipment, stronger food safety adhesives, and better processing tape. The quality of the straw will depend on the thickness and how many layers of paper are used to make the straw. The manufacturers we work with place three layers of paper on each layer, which are wound around each other to ensure the highest possible durability and to ensure that they do not get wet when used.


How to modify the sharp paper straw  making machine?

There is a human-machine interaction system with machine operators that can manually input custom paper straws and other factors such as the diameter of the paper straws, the length of the paper straws, the quality of the glue paper straws and the sharp angles that need to be cut. When this information is entered, the machine adjusts the distance and Angle between the knives. Therefore, based on the man-machine interaction system and the automatic calculation of the machine, the adjustment of the sharp papyrus machine is realized.


What is the operation flow of sharp paper straw making machine?

First and foremost, the operator gives the input of the customized factors to the human-computer interact system. Then ensure that the paper is connected to the machine before starting the machine. As the machine operates, the paper would be wrapped around a tube with the diameter according to the input given previously. At the same time, the 4pairs of knives above the tube would accomplish the cutting work. One knife is of vertical position whereas the other is tilted according to the input angle of the sharp end that needs to be cut. The distance between the two knives is also according to the distance input previously, which indicates the total length of the paper straw. The finished cutting paper straws are pushed out of the machine and collected in a bucket.


Above all, hope you can get a better understanding of our sharp paper straw making machines, if you want to know about Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine, Straw Paper Slitting Machine, please contact us!


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