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What is the operation principle of paper straw packing machine?

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Paper packaging is making a comeback in several packaging categories, driven by growing anti-plastic sentiment among the public and regulators. This is especially true for disposable straws. Unlike plastic, paper is a natural and renewable resource. This article is about paper straw packing machines, which produces paper straws and accomplish packaging of them.


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What is the operation principle of paper straw packing machine?

What are the features of paper straw packing machine?


What is the operation principle of paper straw packing machine?

First and foremost, the operator gives the input of the customized factors to the human-computer interact system. Then ensure that the paper is connected to the machine before starting the machine. As the machine operates, the paper would be wrapped around a tube with the diameter according to the input given previously. At the same time, the 7 knives above the tube would accomplish the cutting work. The knives are of vertical position. The distance between each two knives is also according to the distance input previously, which indicates the total length of the paper straw. The packaging method involves placing the finished straw into the supply hopper. At the bottom of the hopper are two wheels with drive belts. The straw falls out of the funnel and is picked up one by one by the spinning wheels. As the wheel turns, move the straw and packing material along the groove and connect to the two die wheels with a cutter. Sealed drinking water straws are then transported along a conveyor belt with cylinders and counters. Each straw is moved along the conveyor belt to the collection area.


What are the features of paper straw packing machine?

1.  Touch screen, easy to adjust.

2.  PLC controller, accurate calculation.

3.  Photoelectric detection, high accuracy

4.  Automatic length detection setting, no need to manually

5.  Infinite velocity, speed range and length are wide

6.  Three-sided seal H(pillow seal)

7.  Automatic counting, feeding and packaging.

8.  Calculate through counting wheel, more accurate

9.  The counting wheel can be replaced

10.  Straw counting and packaging are two separate parts that can be operated independently.


As shown above, paper straw packing machine are basically similar to paper straw making machine. But it’s equipped with the ability to pack the straws up either individually or in certain numbers according to the customer’s needs. We produce paper straw packing machines with high quality and high efficiency. Customized actions can be easily accomplished by our machines including Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine,  Straw Paper Slitting Machine feel free to learn out more about our machines.


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