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What is the structure of paper straw making machine?

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Nowadays, paper straws are eventually taking the place of plastic straws. When dealing with major changes in daily habits, consumers may be reluctant, if not totally opposed, to change. Diners who grab a straw for their iced coffee in the morning may not be thinking about the ocean. That is to say, plastic straws are a threat to marine animals. This article describes the threats of plastic straws as well as paper straw making machines.


Here are main points of the article

The threats of plastic straws

What is the structure of paper straw making machine

What is the future of straws?


The threats of plastic straws

The production of plastic straws in the United States is leading to a global epidemic that is killing our already endangered sea turtles. Turtles can swallow the straw whole or tear it into small pieces, and the straw remains inside. The turtle conservation society says 100 million marine animals die every year from Marine debris, and more than half the world's turtles eat plastic. Therefore, the use of plastic straws should be reduced and paper straws are one of the best alternatives.


What is the structure of paper straw making machine?

1. Winding control unit and multiple blade cutting system

2. Adopts human-machine interface, control touch screen parameters setting, easy to operate. Encoder control, servo motor drive. High degree of automation, high efficiency.

3. Select and use well-known motor and electrical equipment suppliers. Heat treatment rack, eliminate internal stress, prolong service life.

4. Multiple language choices: English, Chinese, Vietnam, Spain...


What are paper straws made of?

Paper straws are mainly made of wood pulp. High-quality paper straws are made from craft paper, which is a bio-based, renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and unbleached material that is ideal for making paper straws.


What is the future of straws?

There are many interesting new developments in straw technology. First, new and improved paper mixtures are constantly evaluated. This is necessary to reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and improve quality. In addition, new processing and design methods are being developed. These can extend straws to new areas. For example, a hot liquid crystal, a special colorant that responds to temperature changes, can be added to a straw to discolor it when it comes into contact with a hot or cold liquid. Other unique applications include printing straws with beverage identities (e.g., diet, root beer, etc.). Straws can be used to mark the ingredients of a drink. Other advances include straws made from a blow molding process that creates faces or other artifacts in the middle of the straws.


Plastic straws are just one of many single-use plastics, but they're one of the easiest things to throw away. Our company is taking steps to help eliminate plastic straws with our own biodegradable, compostable and ocean safe paper alternatives. Our paper straws are designed to be sturdy after a few days of use, but still break down completely in 90 days or less. We are proud to provide you with the high quality Straw Paper Flexo Printing Machine, Straw Paper Slitting Machine that are used to produce these straws. 

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