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What is the structure of the tetra pack packing machine?

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Nowadays, the milk and drinks we buy from supermarkets are mainly packed up in tetra-packs. As we can see, the use of tetra-packs has surrounded us quietly. All of us may have used drinks with tetra-pack packaging and we have also benefitted from them. However, we may not know detaily about these packages and therefore, this article can give some help.


Here are main points of the article

What is the structure of the tetra pack packing machine?

How many layers are there in tetra-pack?

Are tetra-packs eco-friendly?

What are the materials used to produce tetra-pack?


What is the structure of the tetra pack packing machine?

The overall structure of the tetra pack packing machine is as follows:

1.Automatic paper feeding, sterilization, carton, filling, molding, sealing function, using hydrogen peroxide injection composite material and high intensity uv irradiation and sterile hot air drying. Then the packaging of the box molding and filling are done. All the above procedures as well as the sealing of the filling material is completed in a sterile chamber with positive pressure rods to ensure packaging. Due to the aseptic nature of the materials and equipment, UHT sterilized packaged juice drinks can have a shelf life of up to one year at room temperature.

2. Quantitative filling is controlled by mass weighing system to make filling more accurate.

3. Mirror welding technology is adopted to ensure smooth and smooth welding seams without any sanitary dead corners.

4. The filling valve and the moving parts of the filling head are protected by the steam barrier and the filling chamber is disinfected by steam.

5. Programmable controller is adopted to realize automatic operation of the equipment.


How many layers are there in tetra-pack?

Tetra pack cartons are made of six layers that help protect milk, juice or juice drinks from bacteria, sunlight, and air. These six special layers are made of three materials.


Are tetra-packs eco-friendly?

These containers protect food from contamination by bacteria and other microorganisms, meaning products can sit on shelves for months without spoiling. Tetra pack assures us that once used, they can be recycled.

In addition, rectangular cartons weigh less than glass or metal, saving space because their effective stacking capacity is impossible with cans or bottles. Now tetra pack is touting its product as a viable alternative to plastic water bottles, such as the 500ml Prisma.


What kind of materials used to produce tetra-pack?

Tetra pack cartons are mainly made of paper. Tetra pack boxes are made of 75% cardboard, 20% polyethylene and 5% aluminum. The three materials are layered by heat and pressure to form six layers of armor that protect the object from light, oxygen, air, dust and moisture.


It is true that plastic is lighter, so it takes less effort to transport, but only about a third of plastic milk containers are recycled. In addition, plastic is unlikely to break down quickly in landfills. If you find that your milk is going bad too fast, switch to cardboard or opaque cartons. Tetra-packs are here to give us an alternative to plastic ones, and our company provides Paper Straw Making Machine, Mask Making Machine you need.


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