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What is the working principle of paper straw making machine?

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This paper straw making machinemakes environmentally friendly paper straws. Equipped with digital servo cutting device, it also has high cutting precision. The machine is equipped with automatic pipe cutting sensor. Round knives cutting and cut smoother edges. This has multiple cutting blades to ensure that there is no human intervention, thus increasing production speed. A more detailed description is as follows.


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What is the working principle of paper straw making machine?

Why is there an urge to use paper straws?

What are paper straws made of?


What is the working principle of paper straw making machine?

1. Use glue to roll different layers of paper into tubes.

2. Multi-knife cutting system, through the servo tracking, the paper tube cut into small pieces to drink straw.

3. Materials: food grade white craft paper, food grade glue.

4. Auxiliary material: oil lubrication and cooling may be required. White mineral oil.

5. Standard power supply :380V/ 3 phase / 50Hz, can be changed according to special requirements, such as 60Hz or 220V/ 3 phase.

6. Power consumption: rated power 6.15 KW/h

7. FLA (full amplifier): 13.5 A


Why is there an urge to use paper straws?

We use a lot of straws. We use 6.342 billion straws a year. Some people think that's 500 million straws a day. Industry experts estimate the lifespan at 170 million to 390 million straws. Anyway, that's a lot of plastic straws that get thrown away, and that's a big problem. Only 1% of the plastic straws can be recycled. The rest stay as a threat to marine animals as well as the environment.

Efforts to regulate plastic waste have been growing. A recent effort to prevent an increase in plastic waste has been regulated and, in some cases, the use of single-use plastic straws has been banned. Major cities have passed bans on plastic straws, while other cities such as New York are on the way. Many brands and companies, from corner cafes to multinational companies such as Alaska airlines and starbucks, have joined the campaign in response to widespread concerns about pollution from plastic straws in the ocean. Paper straws are tacky, but they're biodegradable, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws. In the 19th century, before paper and plastic, people drank from straws. Thus, the urge to use paper straws instead of plastic ones is inevitable.


What are paper straws made of?

Historically, straws were made of paper, but today polypropylene plastic is the material of choice. Polypropylene is a resin that is polymerized or linked together by propylene gas molecules.


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