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About Ruian Sunlight Machinery Factory

Ruian Sunlight Machinery is Established June ,2013. , The factory produce paper tube machine , slitting machine , printing machine , packing machine ,

2015.06 , The factory developed the first paper straw machine according the paper tube machine .

2017.07, Based on the concept of environmental protection, our company transformed the paper straw machinery industry


2018,03,  in line with the trend of environmental protection, the company opened a paper straw factory to provide customers with paper straw products.

2018.07, the paper straw and paper straw machine were exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil and other regions through the FDA, EU and LFGB certificates.

2018.08 , the first 57 meter per minute paper straw machine was born in China.