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SL-SSDFC Multi Drinking Paper Straws Packing Machine

Product Description

SL-SSDFC Multi Drinking Paper Straws Packing Machine




Be applied to packing circle drinking straws,tubes,pipes(straight not bend).such as plastic drinking straws,paper drinking straws,or drinking straws of milk tea ,coffee,coke,soybean and so on.



1.Control circuit using PLC,smart chip and with a touch-screen display,measurement precision,electrical fault auto-detection,simple operation,easy adjustment.

2.Mechanical formula function(memory function:store has been debugged program),to avoid repeated several times during debugging packaging similar material waste products of similar specifications ,saving more time costs,improve packaging efficiency.

3.Intelligent discharge detection,optimization of online function,effectively prevent the loss of materials and packaging materials.

4.Using high-quality dual-frequency simple mechanical structure,easy maintenance,long life,less wear and tear.

5.High precision photoelectric detection tracking(film color standard tracking) bi-directional automatic compensation,accurate and reliable.

6.Drinking straws calculated by counting wheel,Servo motor control,more accurate.

7.Packaging speed and length of bag with double frequency converter control,infinitely variable speed,arbitrary adjustment range,the procedure can perfectly match the production line .

8.Stainless steel conveyor table,and the host part of the spray paint can also be handle according to the customers requirement with stainless steel.


Other features:

1. High-efficiency-packing,Steady performance,convenient operation and maintenance,low-rate fault.

2. It can contentiously  work for a long time.

3.Sealing is good and packing is also very petty.

4. Can be synchronous print production date,wearing suspension holes and other equipment according to customer needs

Main technical parameter

Packing type Trilateral closure H
Packaging film thickness 0.018-0.06mm
Max film width 420mm
Drinking straws length 150-250mm
Bag length 150-420mm
Packaging width 80-180mm
Packaging height ≤90mm
Maximum packing capacity

(depending on materials)



Total power 220V/3kw
Dimension 3200x1200x2200mm
Machine weight 600kg

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