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SLT-SH800 Straw Paper Strip Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine

Product Description

SLT-SH800 Straw Paper Strip Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine






Machine in this series are mainly suitable for straw paper.


1. The machine use center winding and the surface drum rewinding .

2. Web guide system, automatic tension control system with magnetic powder brake and clutch device.

3. Machine with meter counter , automatic stop.

4. Frequency Inverter control main motor.

Main technical parameter

Model SLT-SH800
Width of roll material 600mm
Max. Diameter of roll material 1000mm
Max. Diameter of rewinding roll 600mm
Min. Width of slitting 13.5mm,14mm,15mm
Slitting Speed 0-150m/min
Total Power 6.5kw
Overall dimension ( L x W x H mm) 2200x2000x1400
Weight 2200kg


Mahchine Main Parts :
The machine with unwinder , web guide , slitting system , rewinding unit ,transmission system ,electric control part , etc.
The machine with  Manual horizontal alignment , Eliminates tension and wrinkles caused by the thick ends or uneven cores of the raw materials
The high linear magnetic powder brake is used as the unwinding tension actuator. The output torque is balanced, and the tension fluctuation can be reduced to the lowest state. The Siemens PLC automatically detects and calculates the size of the material through online and automatically controls the unwinding tension output.
Loading Materila , pneumatic lift loading
Air Shaft Unwinder, 100NM magnetic powder brake tension controled by PLC
Web Guide Control Ssyem
Slitting System
The machine uses a round knife to cut, the incision is neat, and the service life is long. The upper and lower knife axes of the slitting are widened, and the speeds of the upper and lower knife shafts are matched by the gears. Rotate the hand wheel to implement the knife, and continue turning to achieve automatic knife.
A, Slitting shaft , 1 set Top knife shaft and 1 set bottom knife shaft
B, Locking device: With a rapid tool setting device, it can lock the upper knife shaft to avoid cutting quality problems caused by the upper and lower knife disengagement or movement.
C, High-pressure fan through the blowing pipe diversion, the waste edge come out
D, 30MM Main wall plate: The use of steel wall panels, effective damping, to facilitate the smooth operation of the machine at high speed
E, φ100×950mm Guide roller: chrome plated, polished
Rewinding Unit
A, This machine adopts two-axis rolling of the left and right axles. It is equipped with a pressure arm to balance the pressure inside and outside the winding. The drive adopts two frequency conversion vector motors, the uniaxial tension is arbitrarily adjustable, and the winding tension increases with the increase of the winding volume. The winding volume is automatically calculated by the PLC and the control tension is automatically calculated.
B, magnetic powder clutch control rewinding , steel shaft rewinding,and paper core PLC control tension.
Driving unit
A, The inverter is used to control the 5.5KW main motor operation, the speed of the lift is convenient and fast, and the speed adjustment is excessively soft and steady.
Main Electrical Part
A, Centralized control of the cabinet, beautiful and easy to operate. PLC automatic tension control
B, One meter counter  , real-time linear speed real-time, meter meter auto stop function (with deceleration stop function, remember meter basically no error)
C, Button ,Contactor ,air switchair

Detailing Description

The machine adopt the pneumatic lift system for loading material , it can load 1meter diameter and 600mm jumbo roll , easy operate