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SULAITE-220 100m per Minute Stainless Steel High Speed Online Cutting Paper Straw Machine1

Product Description

SULAITE-220 100m per Minute Stainless Steel High Speed Online Cutting Paper Straw Machine1




The machine is used for produce paper straw

Feature : 

1,Adopt human-machine operation interface, more convenient for operation;


2,Aluminium Paper reeling stand , Slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand


3,Surface Paper is Single side cotaing , middle layer paper is double glue coating


4,Spiral winding part , specialized operation system , Belt tension device (hand-wheel driven)


5,7 knife System in-line cutting unit controlled by encoder .,cutting final paper tube directly , Servo motor control cutting system。


6. Stainless steel body ,meet food grade production standards 。


7 , Protection cover ,conform to ISO and 6S factory inspection standard

8,Automatic Stop when the paper break


  1. Buzzer alarm system, stop, change paper alarm, reduce the difficulty of operation 。


  1. Constant Tension control and Non-stop paper change system


Main technical parameter :


Inner Diameter 4.2-12mm
Paper Roll 2-4 Plies ,可根据客户要求定制 customized according to customer requirements
Thickness 0.25-1mm
Cutting Length 120-1500mm
Hub Wheel Two Head 2机头
Way Of Fixing Shaft Clamp 固定爪
Production speed 10-100m/Min (20-30 degree summer , 0-10 degree Winter 10-50m/min )
Way Of Cutting Circular Cutting Blade 圆刀
Way Of Gluing Single 单面
Blade 9 Groups 9组
Paper Reel Stand 4 Plies Paper Reel Stand 4层纸架
Main Motor Servo motor
Inverter France Schneider 法国施耐德
Servo Motor France Schneider 法国施耐德
Pneumatic Component China Taiwan Airtac 台湾亚德客
low-voltage apparatus Schneider 施耐德
Control System China ,by Sunlight Machinery
Linear Guide System HIWIN 上银
Operator 1 Persons Operate 1 machines


Main Part Dimension 4050*1100*1450mm
Overall Dimension 8000*4800*1500mm
Weight 2600kgs
Way Of Scraping Glue Independent Glue Box/Polyurethane Scraping Blade 独立胶盆
Moving Finished Paper Straw Automatically 自动
Lubricating Oil Automatic Giving 自动
L model
The machine mainly includes the following equipment (pictured)
Multi-knife System Online Cutting Paper Straw Machine Spec
Tension control and Non-stop paper change system
One Unit 4 Layer Reel Stand
One Unit 2 Layer Single layer Glue Unit
One Unit Spiral Paper Tube Machine With Online Cutting System
One Unit L Type Paper Straw Gathering Machine

4 layer HHS Glue Coating system

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