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SULAITE-3100 Flexible U Shape Paper Straw Bending Machine

Product Description

SULAITE-3100 Flexible U Shape Paper Straw Bending Machine




The machine is specially designed for bending paper straw .U shape paper straw .





1. Manual Feeding Straight paper straw , automatic bending.

2. Automatic counting . batch alarm function is available

3. U Sharp paper straw can bent 180 degree

Main technical parameter

Model SULAITE-3100
Length of finished straw 140-240mm
Parent Paper Straw Length 150-250mm
Capacity 200-250 pcs/min
Inside diameter 5.2 One size one machine
Thickness of straight straw 0.4mm
Power Supply 1.5kw
Machine Dimension (L*W*H) 1.5m*1.8m*1.7m
Weight 1000kg

Detailing Description

180 degree flexi paper straws, the machine produce U-shape paper straws

The funnel-type storage hopper, the motor is matched with the feeding unit , the structure is reasonable, the feeding is convenient, and the paper straw will not blocked

Mechanical thimble forming, cycle forming, high speed