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What are the precautions of the paper straw bending machine?

This newly designed straw bending machine is currently the most cost-effective straw secondary processing bending machine for bending straight straw into flexible straw. Compact structure, reducing space requirements.


The straw bending machine is a transport unit made of alloy steel with long service life. In addition, this machine provides user-friendly automatic operation, automatic counting and collection of transfer parts. This series consists of two parts: flexible straw bending machine and art straw making machine.


Here are main points of the article

What are the characteristics of paper straw machine?

What are the technical parameters of the machine?

What are the precautions of the paper straw bending machine

What are the characteristics of paper straw machine?

The automatic flexible paper straw manufacturing machine is used for bending straight drinking straw. Through the rolling forming process, the straight straw is changed into a flexible straw to increase the usability and interest. The machine is fully automated from input to output of finished products. You only need to manually add the straight paper straw into the hopper. The characteristics of this machine are as the follows:

1. Stable operation, stepless adjustable.

2. It has the automatic counting function of the product. Once the preset value is reached, the machine will alarm. Convenient for quantitative packaging into bags.

3. Automatic stop after failure.


What are the technical parameters of the machine?

Reference speed and capacity: paper machine

1. Output: 10000-12000 PCS /hr(standard length * diameter :6 *197mm)

2. Working time: 8 hours, production capacity: 80,000-96000. 2-blade :5 groups of

3. Skilled workers can operate 2-3 groups

4. For D*L(paper straw 6mm*197mm) 1 ton of glue (white latex) can produce about 7 million paper straws, 1 ton of paper can produce about 830,000 straws.

5. Suitable for making paper drink straw with diameter of 4.5-12mm.

6. Machine adopts PLC control, all data can be displayed on the touch screen.

7. Automatic cutting, automatic dropping, automatic transmission, automatic reduction;

8. The machine supplies lubricating oil.


What are the precautions of the paper straw bending machine?

The following should be kept in mind before using our machine as neglecting them may lead to faculty of the machine or place threat to the user.

1. One diameter one machine

2. Do not exceed the capacity of the machine.

3. When the machine stops, cut off the power before checking if there is an the event of straw jamming, if the pre-set value has been reached or if there is something wrong with the machine.


This paper briefly introduces the main matters that should be paid attention to when using the paper straw bending machine of our company. Hope to help you better understand the papyrus bending machine, know how to make full use of them, increase the trust of our company’s products. If anything else is bothering you, please feel free to call us and our technicians will help you solve your problem, we also provide mask making machine and disposable face mask,more information just click us.